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Oak Lawn Fitness Center

Oak Lawn Fitness Center Specializes in All Ways to Stay Healthy

At Riviera Sports Center, we think the secret ingredient to staying fit is variety! That is why our facility has numerous amenities, group fitness classes both on land and in water, sports offerings and more to make sure that you will stay motivated and active. Having fun in a unique and welcoming environment is important for wanting to work out continuously. Oftentimes, it is not starting a workout regime, but maintaining it year after year that makes a true impact on your lifestyle. Our members enjoy so many benefits!

Classes Galore at Our Oak Lawn Fitness Center

For some, being motivated means being accountable. Our group classes can help and as you get to know and meet other individuals who participate, you will continue to be supported and motivated to attend. There is no need to register and all of our classes are free to members. We have traditional offerings such as step and strength training and something new, such as Tabata, a high-intensity interval training workout. Yoga and Pilates are also core classes that we offer for those wanting to strengthen through stretching as well as boost flexibility.

Dancing is a great way to get moving and Zumba is a powerful way to do that. You can also take your dance moves into the water with our Aquatic Zumba, just one of our classes offered in our indoor pool. We also have toning and interval class offerings. 

Oak Lawn Fitness Center Keeps You Moving

As you would expect, we have the cardio and weight area of traditional gyms, but we offer state-of-the-art equipment in industry-leading names. This is a great area to hit the treadmill or work on your arm crunches. Our indoor track is an avenue to run or walk year-round and our women’s circuit area offers a sense of privacy.

For the sports enthusiast, we have what you need! Three basketball courts are available inside and out for an awesome way to shoot hoops no matter what the weather. Our boxing room includes two heavy bags and two-speed bags for those wanting to hone their skills. We also have tennis and racquetball courts and a golf practice cage. Our pools are the place to get your swim on! Our indoor pool is a great avenue to get fit as we keep our water temperature between 82 and 84 degrees and there is a free swim area and five lanes. During the warmer months, take your family out to our outdoor pool that has a baby pool and two-story waterslide.

Oak Lawn Fitness Center Has Fun For All

We are so much more than a traditional gym! We have a spa area with whirlpool and sauna as well as a cafe for made-to-order smoothies. We encourage you to check out our place, 8801 W. 143rd St., Orland Park, Illinois. If you have questions, reach us through our online form.

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