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Personalized Instruction

Personalized Instruction

Riviera is more than a gym or a health club! It’s a place where you can learn, grow, and improve your physical and sports skills. We provide our members with individual instruction in programs of their choice to accomplish higher levels of fitness and ability.

Fitness Trainers

Certified fitness trainers are on staff for fitness appointments, personal training, and to answer any questions which might arise during your workout.

Riviera Fitness Profile

To assess or reevaluate your individual needs and goals.


  • Body composition
  • Strength test
  • Cardiovascular fitness test
  • Body circumference
  • Flexibility test

How to Book:

Call or visit the Riviera Sports Center reception desk 1-708-349-1100.  Click here to meet our trainers.

Riviera Fitness Group Orientation

To help you begin or reevaluate your individualized program.


  • To orientate you to individual fitness equipment
  • To develop an individual training program in a group setting
  • To explain and design your circuit training program—the circuit utilizes four components (exercise selection, exercise sequence, time, and progression) to produce results with the least amount of training time

How to Book:

Call or visit the Riviera Sports Center reception desk 1-708-349-1100

Exercise Logging System (ELOG)

Elog is a computer system which organizes, tracks, computes, and analyzes an individual’s cardiovascular activities. Members record each day’s cardiovascular activities on log sheets located in either the fitness area, café or pool. This information is entered in the system, which then calculates total mileage, calories, and aerobic points.

Personal Training

Personal training will provide you with a more individualized program that is designed only after your fitness level has been assessed through the Advocate Heart Risk Assessment conducted at Riviera. This enables our certified staff to design a more specific program with more specific goals. Our personal trainer will motivate and educate you to achieve maximal results and benefits.

Swim and Tennis Lessons

Riviera offers year-round personalized instruction for all ages in swimming and tennis through private, semi-private, and group lessons. Lessons are given by highly qualified instructors.

Group swim lessons range from water babies to advanced stroke development and refinement. One instructor for every four children maximizes their learning experience.

If you would like to receive more information, have a question or would like to sign up for swim lessons, please e-mail us at

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