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Palos Heights Fitness Classes

Palos Heights Fitness Classes Keep You Moving

Becoming a member of Riviera Sports Center offers tons of benefits, including free group exercise classes. For some, it is important to their overall fitness plan to create a network through a group class environment. This can help with accountability and lead to a lifelong commitment to exercising. Classes can also be a fun way to mix up your routine and challenge your body in new ways, which leads to better overall fitness health. Our instructors strive to offer all of the new and old classes that you are looking for as a way to keep moving year after year.

Find Your Fit Among Our Palos Heights Fitness Classes

Our team is always looking to put together a varied collection of fun and unique classes. Classes are free and open to all members. There is no need to register beforehand – just come on out. You will also find that we have class offerings for all levels of fitness. 

A sampling of the classes we offer: 

Boot camp: You don’t have to join the Army to get a taste of boot camp! Our instructors bring together cardio and strength by incorporating skills and drills for teams and individuals.

Dance party: You won’t believe it’s a workout as we combine all sorts of dance moves from salsa, mambo and retro into a fun way to get fit. 

Group power: This class concentrates on building strength with barbells.

Healthy moves: A low-intensity offering that will get you moving with mild cardio and low-intensity strength moves.

Pilates: Grab a mat and hit the floor for a workout that uses stretching and resistance to create long and lean muscles.

Tabata: For the advanced exerciser, this high-intensity interval class burns fat and boosts cardio.

Palos Heights Fitness Classes Hit The Water

When you are ready to get off the land and enter the water, our aquatic classes will fit the bill! They are also open and free to all members. They meet in our indoor pool that is kept at 82 to 84 degrees for a comfortable experience.

There is a variety of one-of-a-kind classes offered all year including power-packed aquatics, which is for the advanced exerciser as it mixes speed and heavy resistance from water. We also have toning and interval classes as well as ZumWata, which features Latin rhythms of the Zumba craze, but in water.

Palos Heights Fitness Classes And More

We are proud to serve our community members by providing everything they need for a long, happy and healthy life. Besides classes, we have tons of equipment, sports courts, an indoor track, boxing room, women’s circuit and outdoor pool for summer fun. A cafe, childcare and health spa round out our offerings. You have to see it in person! Our team welcomes visitors at our facilities, 8801 W. 143rd St. in Orland Park, Illinois, or inquires through our online contact form.

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