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Find your exercise fit at Tinley Park Gyms

Boredom can be the biggest blocker when you’re on your way to your exercise goals! In order to stay on track and stay motivated, try out an exercise class as a part of your workout routine at gyms in Tinley Park. At Riviera Sports Center & Health Club, there is always a group class to join for a twist in your exercise plan. The classes bring together both men and women in a supportive network at Tinley Park gyms.

Something for everyone at Tinley Park Gyms

With more than 40 classes a week, Riviera Sports Center & Health Club keeps you moving on your schedule! Our spacious 3,300-square-foot aerobics studio has a cushioned “Action Thrust” maple floor and our class leaders are certified instructors.

While new classes are always being added, check out just some of the workouts that will take your routine to the next level at gyms in Tinley Park.

Group Cycling: Whether you are a new or advanced cycling participant, you will be able to make this routine your own.

Group Power: Pick up barbells for this strengthening workout that hits all of the major muscle groups.

Hatha Yoga: Take a deep breath and tap into a relaxing and restoring energy for this yoga class. Learn the poses that will help ease tension as well as boost strength, flexibility and circulation. This type of yoga is also good for improving balance and coordination.

Pilates: Known to help create the long, lean muscle look, our Pilates class is a mat-based routine that utilizes resistance, stretching and strengthening moves at Tinley Park gyms.

ZUMBA: It’s been the No. 1 dance-based fitness craze for a reason! ZUMBA continues to unite easy dance moves along with inspiring music to create an energizing exercise class.

Make a splash in Tinley Park Gyms

At Riviera Sports Center & Health Club, we have water classes to foster variety in your exercise schedule. Our pools stay comfortable at 82 to 84 degrees for the perfect environment for an aquatic class. Some of our offerings include:

Power Packed Aquatics: If you’re ready to accept a challenge, then this class at Tinley Park gyms is for you! The routine packs a punch with speedy and heavy resistance in the pool. It is ideal for those who want an intense workout but in a more joint-forgiving water environment.

Tidal Blast: This water workout targets your whole body.

ZumWata: It’s like dancing in the waves! Latin rhythms pair with easy-to-follow moves in this pool-based routine.

Find your fitness plan at Tinley Park Gyms

At Riviera Sports Center & Health Club, classes can help you keep your body and mind fit for life! We consistently add to our class calendar for a variety of offerings! Connect with us to find out what are the latest happenings at our gyms in Tinley Park. Visit us at 8801 W. 143rd St. in Orland Park, call us at (708) 349-1100 or connect with us online.

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